Caitlyn Jenner: The best transgender woman that money can buy

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My thoughts exactly. Bravo on mentioning the struggles of trans youth. We need action Caitlyn, not jus words.

words are all i have

It wasn’t so long ago when Caitlyn Jenner brought me to tears. Now she just bores me to tears.

patti dawn swansson patti dawn swansson

I didn’t watch the ESPY gala from Tinseltown on Wednesday night, in part because I find most awards shows to be bling-is-the-thing exercises in excess, much like Hollywood itself, but also due to the fact Jenner would be receiving the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage.

To be clear, I have no quarrel with Jenner being saluted for her courage in transitioning from Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn.

There are many layers to courage. Marching off to war takes courage. Racing into a burning building to save a life takes courage. Smiling in the face of a terminal illness takes courage. But being true to one’s self can also take courage. Any out gay person can tell you that, because they have faced and conquered the fear. It is a…

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Black is the New Black

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A Little Trans Soap Boxing

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I’m not questioning Caitlyn’s sincerity, but I do believe she is doing nothing but being self serving and attention seeking.

Big splashy coming outs like hers have a way of failing tragically, I’m not wishing that on her, but I’m still waiting for it to happen anyways.

That Trans Guy Tyler

So Caitlyn Jenner finally came out. Ok, yeah, she technically came out a few weeks ago, but until the last few days, she hadn’t revealed a name or a pronoun preference. Now she has. As a result, a lot of people are calling her a hero, applauding her bravery. Melissa commented that it must feel nice to have such a big name “on our side”. So now Caitlyn Jenner is the face of transgender people everywhere.

Caitlyn Jenner didn’t open any doors for the trans community. What she did was open the blinds of one house in the trans community. She is one woman with one experience and we come from a myriad of backgrounds. I support Caitlyn. I’m happy that she’s happy. I believe everyone deserves his or her chance to be happy and to be true to themselves. But I don’t believe that Caitlyn has or is going…

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Michael Bailey Is A Danger to Trans Kids – Those Kids Know Who They Are

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Liz - Day By Day

Recently, on another forum, some individuals were defending Michael Bailey’s utter BS that Bailey was using to defend reparative therapy being used on trans kids. There are a lot of problems with Michael Bailey’s nonsense, not the least of which is that he may be nearly as bad as Zucker up in Canada.

Bailey claims that 80% of all trans identified kids never transition and settle into their lives as their birth sex. But the 80% figure is, as Bailey admits, decades old. It is also highly flawed. The core flaw in that study? Children were being actively discouraged from their gender identity (reparative therapy) and Bailey and his henchmen failed to followup after age 18 to see if these people stayed in their birth gender their entire lives or if they subsequently transitioned as adults. I personally know two older transwomen who Bailey claimed to have “cured”. They said they…

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Support Elliott DeLine Creating Transgender Literature!

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My favorite trans* writer. Signal boosting this…

The Trans Buddy Program Is Transforming Healthcare

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We waited in the thick summer air, just outside the emergency room entrance. The parking garage was mostly empty, no one passed by, and the only sound was the rhythmic sliding of the automatic doors at our backs.  Others may have been scared by the emptiness of the night; to us, standing outside of the ER seemed far more comfortable than the alternative: entering the hospital.  We debated whether our health was worth the risk of being told again, “We can’t help you here.”

This experience is not new to me. I had been receiving calls for medical advice on a weekly basis from transgender people who were scared to go to the hospital. As an out transgender graduate student and Associate Director of The Program for LGBTI Health at Vanderbilt University, many local transgender people had heard that I could help them find a doctor. For several years, Program…

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Control. I think it’s what transition has been all about for me. An exercise in extreme control to the point that it took me the better part of two years of HRT, not to mention all that lead up to it to come out fully to my parents and my brother. Control to the point that I’m not out fully to my own child. Control to the point that I can count on one hand the people that know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

And in the end it’s control that’s holding me back. My last transition attempt was such a disaster I responded this time by tightlly controlling every aspect I could of transition and now that I’m all but fulltime, it’s actually holding me back. It’s the fear of losing control over who knows what and what they’ll do with that information that’s keeping me from taking that big step forward.

It’s control that I see starting to negatively affect my relationships. I can’t move forward with Michael, even if it is just to fail. Even that feels better then a fantasyland relationship that will never happen as long as the world still perceives me as male. It’s the delicate relationship I maintain with my son that will undoubtly suffer by not being completely honest about this issue and what it means for him.

Despite all that, I can’t seem to let go. My son has asked to see my therapist with me a number of times, and yet it would involve admitting that I even have a son to him. It was control and the fear of him not being willing to help me that lead me to exclude any mention of my son for the nearly three years I’ve been seeing him. Now my fear is in having to admit that I lied, by omission, but lied none the less.

I think I have everything under control and yet the reality is I have nothing under control and yet I can’t see to let go and just be Ryleigh. It’s not that I don’t want to, I think I just fear losing control and that is actually what’s controlling me.

I hate it.

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