My thoughts exactly. Bravo on mentioning the struggles of trans youth. We need action Caitlyn, not jus words.

words are all i have

It wasn’t so long ago when Caitlyn Jenner brought me to tears. Now she just bores me to tears.

patti dawn swansson patti dawn swansson

I didn’t watch the ESPY gala from Tinseltown on Wednesday night, in part because I find most awards shows to be bling-is-the-thing exercises in excess, much like Hollywood itself, but also due to the fact Jenner would be receiving the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage.

To be clear, I have no quarrel with Jenner being saluted for her courage in transitioning from Bruce Jenner to Caitlyn.

There are many layers to courage. Marching off to war takes courage. Racing into a burning building to save a life takes courage. Smiling in the face of a terminal illness takes courage. But being true to one’s self can also take courage. Any out gay person can tell you that, because they have faced and conquered the fear. It is a…

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