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The more I hear about Rachel Dolezal’s story, the sicker I get. She has to be one of the biggest pathological liars on the planet. When I first heard about her story, I felt a little sorry for her. My first thoughts were, “Hey, if she self-identifies as African-American, then who cares? Just let her be.” “Race is merely a social construct.” And that’s right, it is a construct. If you’re in sociology or communication academia, you know this. However, the problem if Dolezal goes deeper than her just calling herself “African-American.”

First of all, identifying as “African-American” is not the issue; repeatedly lying and deceiving people is.  I can sympathize with her on the fact that she may very well actually feel like being white is not who she really is, but to lie about your childhood and now claim that you’re not sure who your parents really are…

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