English: Boy with a doll, 1922

English: Boy with a doll, 1922 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s been far too long since I’ve updated my blog, yet I’m still managing to attract followers. Yes, that’s a shout out and you know who you are. :)Actually my crazy inspiration for this update is the wonderful turn of events in my life yesterday. My regular partner who I’ve written extensively about in the past left so I’ve been working with a bunch of different EMTs. I’ve known Heather for some time, we’ve never worked together, but we always see to see eachother in passing. Actually, funny story, the first time I saw Heather I thought, “he’s cute, but he’s got a big butt for being a guy”. Yeah.

Anyhow, Heather and I worked together yesterday finally, I was like a kid waiting for Christmas to come. Yes it was a blast, yes I’d much rather work with female partners.

During the course of the shift, as of course we talk about anything and everything during fourteen hours being mere feet from eachother the entire time, Heather volunteered “I’ve always identified more with male and being masculine” OMG my partner’s trans! Super cool! Well maybe not trans, she did expressly say she wasn’t interested in a “sex change” but she does bind, sorta, “They just belong where they belong.”, with a sports bra two sizes too small. Were it not for her wife’s love of her breasts, I think she really would get top surgery. So maybe GQ is more descriptive of her.

Enough about Heather, the real gem yesterday was talking about her son, William, and how gender variant he is, he still identifies as a boy and likes “boy things” but he loves girl stuff too and tells her he likes thinking about kissing boys, etc. I think he’s still struggling with his own concept of being gay, but he understands the concepts at least.

I talked with her quite a bit about being supportive of him and how trying to stop him from expressing his gender variance would do more harm then good and she responded by asking me to be his mentor (I of course told her how gender variant I was growing up). I looked at her and said, “I shall call him mini-me.” 🙂

When I came out to my parents I’d witten “I’m at peace with my past”, referring to the trauma of growing up gender variant in a less understanding world. I’m so excited that I get to make sure that doesn’t happen to another boy like me. Heather told me he begged her to buy him a pair of rainbow fairy wings at pride last year. Atlanta does their pride in October and I can’t wait to buy William his wings. 🙂