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The trans community has many heroes within and many non-trans heroes. I kinda of found this report from TransAction. If you know of any heroes tell their story via email and I will tell others about them.

Daily Kos, USA
Fri May 31, 2013

Transgender Hero #1: Jacob Rostovsky

by rserven <http://www.dailykos .com/user/ rserven> for TransAction
<http://www.dailykos .com/blog/ TransAction>

I’m starting a new series which will be added to periodically, which I
shall call Transgender Heroes. I will add people to the list as I
encounter them and personally judge them to be heroic.

Now there are plenty of people I’ve known about for years who qualify,
but I shall endeavor to shine the light on those who I deem will be
helping to carry us forward.

First up is Jake Rostovsky. I invite you inside to hear Jake’s story.

Jacob Rostovsky
<http://lgbtweekly. com/2013/…

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