English: Women's shaving razors (2011)

What a friend I have in Groupon.  This likely being my last post before we demobilize, I thought I’d throw out a rather shameless plug for the fine folks at Groupon.  Or maybe I can just get a discount for all the money I’ve been spending there.  I joke that if we don’t demobilize soon, I’m going to go home broke for all the money I’m spending on Groupon.

It all started with a massage, or rather a spa package.  Sleeping in the back of an ambulance for now going on three weeks, I’m certainly going to get my money’s worth on a massage.  The facial was just a bonus I suppose.  Though three weeks of roughing it, I’m sure I could use a good exfoliation too.  Yeah, I guess being in male mode still I’ll go tame on the facial.  That was just the beginning.

True to my previous post, I used Groupon to my advantage and found deals for a mani/pedi and even a laser hair removal package.  I suspect the laser sessions, six of them, won’t be enough to get rid of the rest of the hair left after I quit electro back in January, but I can keep buying packages for a fraction of what it would cost otherwise until I get the job done, I suppose.

Still no luck on a waxing package.  Brazilians (the wax job, not the people) seem to be the popular thing on Groupon and that’s mostly something I’m not interested.  True I’ve gotten rid of almost all my body hair, and I admit, I suck at shaving.  But that’s a patch of hair I’m not willing to go overboard on taming – yet.  Maybe it has something to do with a lack of lady parts land down there, but it just seems like, forgive the expression, polishing a turd at this point.

As I contemplate my waxing options, I’m fortunate to have quit shaving my chest some time ago, there’s a little bit of hair left, but not the dysphoria inducing amount there was in the past (yay for anti-androgens), and it’s just not worth spending the money on something that doesn’t bother me enough to deal with via conventional means.  Just so we’re clear (and for the record, I’m inserting this after the fact, the chest hair I speak of is mostly fine hairs that really aren’t perceptible in the mirror) The target of my angst is really my legs, again I suck at shaving and this is where it’s most evident.  I suppose my frustration is the same as most females, I just don’t seem to have the flexibility to easily shave all the parts necessary.  Thus waxing seems to be the nuclear option to deal with a constant source of frustration.  I can tame the sparse hair left on my arms (again a shout out to anti-androgens), but that too is a matter of convenience and I’m coming home with a ton of money from the last three weeks.  Not that it’s burning a hole in my pocket, ok maybe it is.

When I really stop and think about it, I’m glad to be making progress on the things I set out to do with the deployment money.  Thanksgiving next week as it is, I’m sure it will be December before I can capitalize on my Groupon spending at this point.  But it gives me the confidence to keep moving.  In other news, I downloaded the forms for my state for a legal name change.  In my own mind, seeing my parents next week, my mom specifically, and laying out at least some of my plans for the next year is almost feeling like a non-event at this point.

Progress is sometimes a matter of looking around you and not counting the things you haven’t accomplished yet, but rather celebrating the progress you have made and I’m feeling pretty good about myself in that regard.