So I was playing around with my wordpress account today. Ask any blogger and our favorite part is checking the stats, ok don’t ask just anyone, ask me – my favorite part is checking the stats. It just sounds better when I suggest it’s all of us and not just me.

So I’m calling this the stats post, check out the title, it even says “The Stats Post”. No that wasn’t coincidence either. 🙂

So, starting with the country views, my top three countries are the US, Indonesia and Canada (in that order) and Brazil tied for 3rd. Indonesia? I get the US and Canada, but Indonesia? I’d love to know what makes me so popular in Indonesia. If you’re my Indonesian reader, by all means let me know. At the same time I’m pretty happy with Brazil being high on the list. My one true love Chris is Peruvian on his mom’s side, but I find the whole South American thing appealing. Shout out to my Brazilian readers, and I’m single if you’re wondering (Sorry Chris). 🙂

I’ll mention referrers next, only so I can put a plug in for Susan’s. I got my start there, and did a lot of the transgendered folk I know. Regardless of your shade of the transgender rainbow, it’s probably a good place to start. Check it out here. I’ve moved on, for a number of reasons, by they’re still my top referrer. Thanks to shameless self-promotion, Google, Bing and Yahoo (mostly Google) are next on the list. How any of the rest of the referrers, which I’m quite afraid to click on some, made the list I have no idea.

Search terms are always a source of amusement. I get that my Tights Enthusiast post dominates the list of search terms. I feel for the poor people, probably parents of tights wearing girls based on the search terms that stumbled across my little corner of the internets. “Gender dysphoria leotard” and “middle aged lady in tights” might be the more comical search terms that landed people here. I’m not quite a middle aged lady, and I’m not into wearing tights, but apparently the internet thinks otherwise. I’m curious about the gender dysphoria leotard. I’m thinking this is something you can’t just buy at your local Wal-Mart, but they do sell everything. I just wonder how that sort of thing works, is it supposed to make you gender dysphoric or does it cure you of it? Same for the “transsexual easter dress”.

I’ll take a stab at answering some of the search terms that clearly were phrased as a question. First up, “mtf tg do you ever get tired of having breasts after a while”. Um, no. That sounds more like a cross dresser to me, you know Bob during the week and Betty on the weekends. Does a cis/natal/bio female ever get tired of having breasts? Well maybe they do, from time to time, but it’s the same for me as well. I genuinely like my breasts – as I would expect most women would. Sure I’d like them to be a little bigger, but I’m happy with them, even when they’re getting in the way, banging into things, all the usual complaints.

“mtf tg does having breasts feel strange?” Yes and no. It takes some getting used to, but that’s true whether you got your boobs in puberty, middle age or somewhere in between. Does having a penis feel strange or is it just a part of you (I make the point assuming it’s a male asking the question)? They’re a part of my body, no more, no less.

As for “transgendered boy takes ballet”, “tg fiction brother growing a pair of girly boobs” and “forced m2f beyond return” I’m sorry to disappoint you as well. Hopefully you found what you were looking for somewhere else and your, um, efforts weren’t wasted.

Ok, I just noticed “cross dresser sixties”. Really? If you see me, I look young for my age, by like a decade. Really? And on that note, dear readers, I give you how to waste a Sunday rather than clean your house. 🙂